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Welcome to the St. Thomas More (STM) Religious Formation Website for Kindergarten through 5th grade.  At STM, Religious Formation of our children and youth is a life-long journey beginning with Baptism.  At Baptism, each parent takes on the responsibility of having the primary role in educating their children about the Catholic Faith.  The Church Community compliments the parent’s teachings through the Religious Formation Program which provides additional opportunities for peer faith sharing, prayer and service to others.  

Who should attend Religious Formation Classes?:

Students in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade who do not attend Catholic school where daily religion classes are taught are invited to learn about the wonders of our Catholic faith through our Religious Formation Program.  In Religious Formation, students are introduced to the teachings of the Church, Scripture and Christ’s love.  

When do Classes Meet?:

Classes are held weekly on Sunday mornings from 10 am until 10:45 am. Please refer to the Religious Formation K-5 schedule posted on the website. 

Fees Associated with Religious Formation:

The fee for Religious Formation is $40 per child or $100 maximum fee for a family. No child is refused for lack of funds.  If financial assistance is needed, please contact Trish Pabis, Coordinator of Religious Formation K-5, at 237 - 5911.


At St. Thomas More, the Catechists follow the Catechetical Curriculum for Grades 1st through 5th that is set forth by the Richmond Diocese to help supplement the parents’ teachings at home.  It is the Religious Formation’s vision to explore the 6 Key Concepts at an age-appropriate level for each student in a nurturing, faith-filled environment.  The Key Concepts are:

  1. Knowledge of Faith
  2. Liturgical Education
  3. Moral Education
  4. Teaching to pray
  5. Education for Community Life
  6. Missionary Initiation

Goals for the Year: 

  1. Have the students develop an age-appropriate knowledge of church history.
  2. Have the students receive a moral education based on Catholic teachings.
  3.  Provide the students with inclusive Biblical studies.
  4. Have the students form a personal relationship with God through prayer.
  5. Have students actively participate with parish-led community activities to gain a better appreciation of our call to serve.
  6. Develop a partnership with parents and catechists to provide an enriching, learning environment at home and at St. Thomas More.

Special Needs Religious Formation Classes:

Any youth, ages 5 years to 18 years, who has special needs and woud enjoy learning their faith in a smaller group setting with peers are invited to participate in these classes.  Classes follow the Religious Formation K58 schedule with regards to days (please refer to the schedule) and times (10 am - 10:45 am).  

Children with Special Circumstances or Needs:

Any family who has a child with special circumstances or needs can contact the Coordinator of Religious Formation K-5, Trish Pabis, to discuss necessary arrangements.  If you are a parent or guardian interested in home schooling your child in religious formation, we can assist you with materials, as well as provide you with information about sacraments and small group opportunities.


Basic Prayers:

Prayer is a vital part of who we are as Christians.  It is our way to communicate with the Lord, to offer thanks and ask for forgiveness.  There are several Catholic Prayers that the youth are encouraged to memorize.  The following pdf file is a compilation of prayers that the Richmond Diocese has developed:



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Religious Formation Schedule Kindergarten - 5th Grade


VIRTUS Training/Background Checks


Pathways Catechist Training Program


Sacramental Preparation for Reconciliation


Sacramental Preparation for First Eucharist


Children's Liturgy of the Word (CLOW)


Vacation Bible School


RCIA Youth


The Religious Formation program at St. Thomas More offers a variety of opportunities to grow in your faith.  Proclaim the good news and be open to hear it, learn from it, and act on it.


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